Friday, October 18, 2013


A peeve is a source of annoyance according to And I have a peeve...

Senior portraits that are "sexy".

Sexy as an adjective is defined as provoking or intended to provoke sexual interest.

There is a "rule" that I have seen in the photography world and it goes something like this... There are three things that make a picture sexy...
1. Outfit
2. Pose
3. Look
And to keep parents happy you should only ever combine two of these things... three is a bit too much.

I'm sorry. WHY are we trying to make 17 year old girls look sexy??? 

Sure... I can't control the outfits that they choose... but I do have a big choice in poses and look. 17 year olds do not need to look sexy... they need to look cute, carefree and fun. They need to look 17. We don't need them looking like seductresses.

This of course is obviously my own opinion and if anyone comes to me hoping for "sexy" senior pictures they will be disappointed. Maybe I can advertise myself to some church youth groups.

Ok. That's all.
You don't have to agree but I'm not changing my mind. :)

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