Saturday, October 12, 2013

Photo Tip For Your Farm Trip!

It's October.
It's fall.
It's time to visit those farms and pumpkin patches!!!

Here is my photo tip for those fall days out...

Put your kids in bright colors!

Consider your background... lots of browns and greens. The hay, cornstalks, grass, mud. And then think about what colors are going to make your kids stand out. Putting some color on your kids will make your pictures nice!



Gosh they were so little in those pics!!

Here is one where Liza was in color and Jason was in brown. The brown is fine... but I wish I had had a different color on Jason.

IMG_0094 copy

This is a photo from a trip to a strawberry farm a few years back...

IMG_1438 1

A few months ago when we went to Kinzua Bridge I asked my sister to put bright colors on her kids too. She was kind enough to go along with it. :) I didn't care if they matched or not because it wasn't a photo shoot... it was just a day out. But I love the color.

IMG_4125 copy

First time fishing...

IMG_5567 copy

IMG_5531 copy

So there ya go... add a little pop to your photos on days out this fall by simply dressing your kids in color instead of browns or blacks. We are heading to a farm today with some family and I hope my siblings don't hate me when I ask them to put bright colors on their kids. I figure they should be ok with my request since they will likely all request to have my photos in the end anyways. :)

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