Tuesday, October 8, 2013

V. Family Photos

My friend Kim asked me to do some family photos for her. She is a photographer herself so it was an honor to have her ask ME to do the photos... but it also made me a bit nervous because I know she'll look at them with a much more critical eye than the other people I do photos for because she knows what to look for! Yikes!

We managed to find a time that worked for both of us (not easy!) and met at one of our favorite places for the session. We had a nice evening to work with and I was super thankful for that because this time of year in PA you have no idea what kind of weather you might get.

We managed to get plenty of pictures and can I just say I love the colors they wore! So fun.

Anyways... here is my beautiful friend (seriously one of my favorite people!) and her family...

IMG_6015 copy

IMG_6037 copy

IMG_5999 copy

IMG_5993 copy

IMG_6097 copy

IMG_5907 copy

IMG_5943 copy

IMG_5913 copy

IMG_6106 copy

IMG_5980 copybw

IMG_5964 copy

IMG_6033 copy

IMG_5932 copy

IMG_5921 copybw

IMG_6117 copy

IMG_5936 copybw

IMG_6081 copy

IMG_6123 copybw

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