Thursday, October 24, 2013

We Are Family!

I'm slowly making my way through the rest of the photos from MY family shoot. :) It's nice that other people in my family aren't intimidated by my big camera and will actually use it for me. I basically set the settings, tell them what I want and then tell them to just take a whole bunch of photos. It works. I get to be in pictures!! Woo hoo!

My brothers and sisters... I'm the second oldest.

IMG_7151 copy

I told them to all hug in and pretend we like each other. This is what I got from that...

IMG_7153 copy

They put up with me.

We really do like each other haha! Promise!

IMG_7155 copy

I just love this next picture! So glad we got it. As much as we love all the add-ins to the family I just like to go back to the originals for a photo. 

IMG_7159 copy

And then there is my mom and dad. :)
Dad has a pitchfork and said he needed a picture with it. They were supposed to be all serious faced but mom was having a hard time staying serious. Speaking of mom (hi mom!) she might poison my food next time I go home for sharing these with you guys.

IMG_7119 copy

IMG_7122 copy

But we finally got it. :)

IMG_7141 copybw

And I'm pretty sure that might be one of my favorite pictures of mom and dad EVER haha. It's just too fun. 

But to make up for embarrassing my mom by posting those I suppose I should share a really nice one that she will like.

IMG_7117 copy

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