Wednesday, November 20, 2013

M. Family Photos

Whew! I finally finished editing my last family session from October. That means I get an editing break and I am looking forward to it!! Of course, that doesn't mean that I wouldn't be happy to schedule some more photo sessions but here in PA we've kind of run out of nice (warm!) weather and I'm kind of limited to the type of sessions I can do in my house. Winters are always a bit slow for me and that's ok because winter is when I stay plenty busy making hats. :)


This is a family I know from church and I was more than happy when they asked me to do their family photos.

Fun family + fun photographer = fun session! And fun photos. :)

Honestly, while I've enjoyed all the families I've photographed over the years this was one of my most fun sessions. It probably had something to do with the fact that they weren't too shy to give the big fake laugh a try. :) Or the fact that they were willing to just let me do some different things that I hadn't done before. Or it could have had something to do with the fact that I knew them. Who knows... I just know I had a really fun time and it was the perfect session to end my busy season with!

 IMG_8625 copy

 IMG_8630 copybw

 IMG_8663 copybw

 IMG_8668 copy

 IMG_8690 copy

 IMG_8699 copy

 IMG_8708 copy

 IMG_8709 copy

 IMG_8713 copybw

 IMG_8722 copy

 IMG_8727 copy

 IMG_8738 copy

 IMG_8744 copy

 IMG_8749 copy

 IMG_8773 copybw

 IMG_8788 copy

 IMG_8792 copybw

 IMG_8801 copy

 IMG_8809 copy

 IMG_8815 1

 IMG_8840 copy

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