Friday, November 29, 2013

My New Favorite Christmas Movie

Every once in a while I come across something I LOVE soooo much that I just can't help but tell you guys about it.

Today I watched what is now my most favorite Christmas movie EVER! I laughed. I cried. It's super funny and it's super sweet. It's meaningful. It's wonderful!

It's Merry Larry and the True Light of Christmas.

Yep... VeggieTales.

No joke you guys! LOVE IT! So much. I almost asked the kids if they wanted to watch it again right away but figured I should wait for a few hours. :) And the silly song!! Oh the silly song!! It's pretty silly.

Honestly... I'm not a fan of people saying "You MUST get/read/watch this" but seriously... you might regret it if you don't. I don't care how old you are! Or if you no longer have kids at home. This movie, which runs just under an hour, was... It was just a really really great Christmas movie!

No one is giving me anything to say all this to you guys. I get nothing for pointing you in the right direction. But if you would like to buy it go to the VeggieTales website. It's only $8.99 today (Black Friday... not sure if that price will run longer) and the code HOLIDAY13 will get you free shipping through 12/2. If you miss the deals it's definitely one worth paying full price for!!

I loved it so much that I told the kids we are going to have to have a Christmas party and invite all their friends. We'll wear pajamas, eat good food, do a craft and then watch Merry Larry while eating popcorn and drinking hot chocolate. They're pretty excited... I guess that means I should pick a date and start inviting people!

Do you have a favorite Christmas movie?
We also purchased Elf this year because... well... I like to laugh! :)

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