Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Permission to Ask

I've been sharing the ugly details of my life lately. I know that might freak some people out. Oh my gosh! How can she write all that personal stuff on her blog!? That's not really the place for it! It's all good. I don't expect everyone else to be as open as I am. :) We all deal with things differently and the reality is that if any of you had sat at Panera with me at some point over the past year and just talked about life I would have told you all about it anyways.

It's nice being able to just put it out there and tell everyone at the same time. And by everyone I pretty much mean EVERYONE... family, friends, acquaintances, probably some enemies, church people, pastors... everyone.

I feel better having it all out there too. I'm not a stuffer and I feel like I've had to stuff for the past year and a half. It's not how I deal. I was quickly imploding and likely about to completely explode as well. Is it possible to implode and explode at the same time? Anyways... I've been able to face my issues much more clearly and head on since vomiting it all out to the entire world wide web.

And not only have I been able to see it all more clearly now that I am processing in my style... out loud... I've also found a ton of support and have been able to take some small steps that I should have taken a long time ago... like scheduling some counseling. (We'll see how that goes!)

So now you all know my dirty mess and I realize that sometimes that can create awkwardness because people don't always know what to do with someone else's dirty mess. I figure it like this... when someone opens up about their messes, their pain, their hard stuff, they are giving me permission to talk with them about it. Not just in the initial moment of sharing... but long after that as well. I take that as permission to ask... how's it going? Are things getting better? How can I help you? How can I pray for you this week? It's permission to follow up.

You all have my permission to ask. To follow up. In fact, it would be REALLY WEIRD if no one ever talked about it. I'm not saying you HAVE to... just that you are ALLOWED to. :)

And if you've been stuffing your mess, hiding behind a pretend smile and trying to convince everyone that you are "normal" and everything is good... I just want to encourage you to find that group of friends that you can trust and share what is really happening in your life. Friends are a good thing. Honesty with those friends is crazy refreshing. And chances are that when you share they will share in return and you can all work on life together. Don't go it alone.

If you don't have those friends you can trust and talk to please email me your story. I'd love to listen and pray for you!

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