Friday, November 1, 2013

Shopping Makes Me Feel Like a Jerk

Can I please go shopping and buy what I need without someone asking me to give more money away!?

A few weeks ago I was in a store and the lady at the register was really nice but I felt like she kept me there an extra five minutes asking me to donate and give money away.

"Would you like to send a Bible to the troops?"
Not today.
"It's a really nice thing. They go straight to the troops. It's a wonderful way to do something for them."
Yeah... not today.
"Do you sponsor one of our World Vision children?"
I do not.
"Would you be interested in sponsoring one?"
Not today.
"Have a look through. There are a lot of cute kids in there."
I'm sure there are.
"Here... let me just give you a prayer card for one of them. You can just pray for this little girl."
Ok. Have a nice day!

And I turned around and practically ran out the door.
I just wanted to LEAVE!

Just the other night I was at a different store where  they do the rounding up of the dollar thing to give to charity. This one...

"Your total is $4.13. Would you like to round it up to $5 to help underprivileged kids?"
Not today.

You guys! I always feel like such a jerk for not doing what they are asking me to do. It makes it seem like I don't care about underprivileged kids or the poor but I do! But with the rounding up thing... I have no idea what the organization is that they are giving to or any info about it other than it helps underprivileged kids. I don't like being clueless about my giving. And when I'm checking out of a store... it's not the time to ask me to give to anything.

Walmart does it.
Would you like to donate a dollar for "whatever the cause is?" I mean... I get asked every single time I go when they are doing something like that and I just want to yell "I ALREADY SAID NO! STOP ASKING ME!!!" And then there are the groups of cute kids that stand outside Walmart selling things I don't want in order to raise money for their organization.

Yeah... saying no to a kid isn't easy and when I do say no I feel like a really big jerk.

And soon the Salvation Army bell ringers will be out. I love what the Salvation Army does and all that but every time I go in or out of a store I'm asked for money. I find myself staring at the ground walking into stores as fast as I can.

I feel like everywhere I go someone is asking for something!

And then... every year people get to complaining about Target and how they don't let the bell ringers sit out front of their store. In case you haven't noticed... there is NEVER anyone outside of Target asking you for money and you NEVER get asked to donate a dollar or change in the checkout either. Target doesn't allow this which gives me a bombardment free shopping experience. Target never makes me feel like a jerk. THANK YOU TARGET!

I just want to go shopping without being pulled in a gazillion different directions. I LOVE giving. I am a giver by nature. I am always giving to someone in some way. It's what I do. But when I am checking out at the store... that's not the time to ask me to do some extra giving because if you are going to ask me to give to something I'd like to sit down and have a conversation about that but chances are good they don't have time for that conversation. 

Whew! I feel better now that I got some of that off my chest.
I don't like being asked to give money when I am at the store. I feel like it's a big trick because if I am AT the store already BUYING stuff that means I MUST have some money on me so let's ask her to give because it's going to be hard for her to say no!

I'm not a jerk.
I promise!
The end.

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