Thursday, November 14, 2013

T. Family Photos

This family! It was the coldest day EVER. FREEZING! But they came out anyway to get their photos done. It was cold. The wind was blowing. Hands were getting numb. Troupers you guys! And what a great family too! Heidi's dad has a potato farm so she asked if we could do the pictures there. It was a great place and they sent me home with a bag of potatoes and I made potato soup. Good stuff!

IMG_8409 copy

IMG_8396 copy

IMG_8459 copybw

IMG_8463 copy

IMG_8424 copy

IMG_8447 copy

 IMG_8587 copy

IMG_8516 copy

IMG_8522 copybw

IMG_8527 copy

IMG_8535 copy
(I think it looks like these brothers are scheming up some trouble!!)

IMG_8549 copy

IMG_8558 copy

IMG_8563 copy

IMG_8575 copy


I really enjoyed meeting this family! So nice! And the kids were a lot of fun. Especially Alex... the little guy. His faces had me cracking up and it made editing fun because how can you not love that face!!

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