Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Couponing for Crafts

I have a Jo-Ann and a Michael's in town. Those are my craft store options. My favorite? Jo-Ann... and it's all because of their coupon policy!

Michael's will only allow you to use one coupon per customer per day. LAME.

Jo-Ann on the other hand... I just used 30 coupons at one time!!! :) And I had two left over to pass to the person behind  me for waiting patiently. Jo-Ann = AWESOME!

So how do I do it?

1. Sign up for their mailing list and start getting their coupons in the mail if you don't already. I couldn't find a place on their website to do this but you can sign up in store at the register.

2. Like Jo-Ann's facebook page. They post links to coupons there. You will find a link to this week's social media coupons HERE.

3. Sign up for Jo-Ann's emails. They will send you coupons to your email at least once a week. You will find a place to do that at the bottom right of the store website.

4. You will also find coupons on the store website. At the very top, on the right, it says COUPONS. Click it for more!

As long as your coupons all have a different code, and they will if you print them from different places (email, social media, the website) you can use them all! This week is Coupon Commotion meaning that they have several 40% and 50% off coupons at each link! There is also a 25% off total purchase coupon which will get you savings on anything you don't have a coupon for or the sale items that your coupons don't work on. I got a really awesome blanket that was originally $30 for only $11!!! I've been wanting it for weeks. :)

Jo-Ann will also accept competitor coupons so you can print out a Michael's and Hobby Lobby coupon as well and use those. (You can not use Michael's coupons on fabric at Jo-Ann because Michael's doesn't sell fabric.)

Jo-Ann price matches. You can read more about that HERE. They will even match their own online sale prices... because they often run different sales online and in store.

I also know there is a way to get coupons on your fancy cell phones but being that I don't have a fancy cell phone I have no idea how to help you there.

All I know is that Jo-Ann is awesome! If you take in a gazillion coupons make sure to make it easy for the cashier. They'll thank you for it. :) Have them cut and counted. It makes their life easier.

Do you coupon for your crafts and have any tips to share?

Jo-Ann has no idea I am writing this. I get nothing in return. I just get so excited about their coupon policy and how much I'm able to save because of it and I just returned from an awesome shopping trip with tons of savings... so I'm giving them a shout out. :)

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