Saturday, December 14, 2013

Photo Booth Fun!

We are having a very small Christmas party for the kids tonight. I spent the past few days coming up with ideas, shopping and prepping for the party. (Mike has been a HUGE help!) Last night we put up our "photo booth" and decided we better try everything out to make sure it "worked". We had a ton of fun so I wanted to share with you how incredibly simple it was to do. That way, if you are having a party or are stuck inside because of all the snow you might be able to throw it all together and have some simple entertainment.

IMG_9341 copy

I went to THE dollar store... you know, the one where everything truly is only a dollar? I picked up Santa and elf hats, reindeer antlers, Christmas headbands and of course the ridiculous glasses.

I also printed out a few things on card stock and hot glued to skewers. (You could just tape them as well.) You can find a great FREE set of Christmas photo booth print outs by CLICKING HERE.

Lastly, we found a space of wall that was wide enough and put some wrapping paper up. If you use painters tape you don't have to worry about messing up your walls.

Set up tripod.
Find camera remote.
Pick your props.
Have a great time!

 IMG_9296 copy

IMG_9298 copy

IMG_9306 copy

IMG_9312 copy

IMG_9315 copy

IMG_9318 copy

IMG_9319 copy

Liza said "elves are shorter" and made herself short.
IMG_9326 copy

IMG_9332 copy

Jason has been wearing these glasses and it just cracks me up!
IMG_9336 copy

 IMG_9338 copy

 IMG_9340 copy

 IMG_9348 copy

 IMG_9368 copy

The snow is here and it will continue to snow all day. Thankfully all the people coming to the party are in walking distance so I hope that even if the roads get bad they will put their boots on and make their way here anyways. :) We are looking forward to more photo booth silliness with our friends! 


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