Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Snow Fun

Me and the kids went to visit my parents for Thanksgiving and we had some good snow while there! It's always nice when it snows at "grandma's" because there is a big field outback and I can dress the kids and send them out and know they will be ok. I just have to glance out the window from time to time to check on them. It's nice to be able to stay warm while the kids play!

Even though the snow was kind of crunchy and not good for building anything they managed to play outside for at least an hour and a half. I went out for a few minutes to get some pictures and then went back inside. :)

Beautiful day!
Fun pictures.
I'm really glad they had a day in the snow because we haven't had much since!

 IMG_9195 copy

IMG_9175 copy

IMG_9170 copy

IMG_9141 copy

IMG_9145 copy

IMG_9136 copy

IMG_9133 copy

IMG_9102 copy

IMG_9188 copy

IMG_9126 copy

IMG_9117 copy

IMG_9116 copy

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