Monday, December 9, 2013

Tis the Season!!!

Our house is decorated.
We've been watching our Christmas movies.
The shopping is done.
The kids are making gifts and wrapping them and putting them under the tree.
It's festive.
It's fun!

IMG_9246 copy

But what I love most about this time of year is all the GIVING!!!

I loooooove to give! And during December I have an excuse to give MORE. So I use that excuse like crazy. It's fun. It's exciting!

The other day something happened to me that could have been devastating and kept me down for a long time but instead of wallowing in self pity I picked myself up and devised a plan of giving. I started working on gifts and found that my outlook on life became good again. The heaviness in my heart went away and I felt tons of joy when I should have been down and depressed.

Giving is a good way to live.

And we should be givers all year round!

Lots of people use November as a month to express thankfulness. But once November ends, even though I am sure these people are still thankful, we stop hearing about the thankfulness. Then December comes and everyone wants to be givers... which is WONDERFUL!!! But my hope is that the giving doesn't end when December does.

Use this month as a way to kick off a new way of living! Donate to your local food bank, do the Opperation Christmas Child shoeboxes. The Angel Tree is another great thing. So many different ways to give at Christmas time! But don't stop there this year. :) Keep going! Listen to others and when they speak of a need find a way to fill it!! And if you REALLY want to have some fun do it anonymously and don't tell anyone about it!

There are always needs. And giving doesn't always have to cost you money.

As they say in the movie Robots... See a need, fill a need. Look for it! You'll find it. And when you give, give and then give some more you'll find that it is a joyous way to live!

Don't let giving be a seasonal thing.

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