Saturday, January 25, 2014

All Out of Whack

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I feel like I've been running around for the past few weeks looking for my sanity!

Things are definitely out of whack!
I miss my routine!
I need routine.

The kids had their long Christmas break from school and it feels like the break just keeps going. It's been nothing but cancellations and two-hour delays since going back to school. I think there MIGHT have been two or three normal days. They delay when it's too cold in the morning out of concern for those that have to walk or stand at bus stops. It makes sense. But man! These two hour delays every morning are killing me. I forget to do things like pack a lunch for Liza. Our mornings now look like this... no alarm, snuggle with the kids, eat breakfast, get ready, watch a movie, THEN go to school.

Next week isn't looking any better. With highs not leaving the single digits for a few days we are guaranteed some delays and most likely a cancel or two. I want to cry every evening when friends start posting on FB about delays.

To make things even more awesomely out of whack we found out last week that we are no longer eligible to collect unemployment. They changed something about the qualifications and because of what Mike made quarterly while working last year we don't qualify. So there goes our income. Gone. Thankfully I've been doing good with hat sales and scarf parties (that's something I made up and I'll write a post about it one of these days) and I have some good stuff going with my photography business this year. Mike gets a few hours working at the church each month and he started delivering pizza two weeks ago.

This all makes me a little bit crazy because neither of us has a set work schedule. It's all random. Mike is now working most evenings and I end up waiting up for him instead of going to sleep. That leaves me completely exhausted because the kids don't sleep in... even though they have an extra two hours every morning!

Life is out of whack!

And it will likely stay that way for a while.

But in it all... I still have peace. That deep peace that things will be ok. That God will take care of me. He already IS taking care of me. He actually prepared us for this years ago by putting us in a place where we would hear of Dave Ramsey and learn his financial strategy. Because of that we have that wonderful emergency fund. (Although I really hate to use it all because I like the security of having it!) It's also a great day when you find out that your mortgage has been paid for the month. BLESSINGS!

I think that if life never got tough and out of whack that we would miss some of the greatest things that God wants to do for us. We haven't been promised an easy life... but God has promised to never leave me. HE is my provider. HE is my Daddy.

So yes... life is way out of whack and I might feel like I am often teetering on the edge of insanity... but in this place I know that I am loved and taken care of.

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