Friday, January 10, 2014


I'm finding myself in a strange place.

Typically you can find me being social, making new friends, surrounded by people, sharing my life.
Lately? Not so much. Lately I find myself staying in, enjoying being alone, quiet.

I feel like life is changing. I feel like I'm changing. But this time the process of that change is different. In the past I have always attacked change... something in me needs work? Let's work on it... NOW! And don't stop until it's finished. I make change happen. But this time... this time I feel like I'm letting change happen.

In the quietness of my life I've just been letting God do some demolition on the walls around my heart. I've asked him for help and he is bringing me to freedom in several areas where I have locked myself up and refused to trust or move forward.

He is renewing my mind.
Teaching me truth.

And in a strange way I'm really content in this time.
I'm content to sit at home quietly working on a puzzle or crocheting an afghan or reading a book.
I'm content being alone.
I'm content having very little on my calendar.

In the contentment I'm finding peace and rest in the midst of life's hurricanes.
I'm finding the Rock Solid Foundation.
I'm finding me.

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