Friday, January 31, 2014

Photography Made Me Insecure

In photography, knowing how to pose people is kind of an important thing... but I really hate studying it!! It makes me insecure.

A while back I watched an online workshop and the guy talked about using your editing to make people look thinner or straighten their crooked nose or make their face symmetrical.

Make their face symmetrical!? I had never thought about facial symmetry before. Apparently "the world's most beautiful people" have symmetrical faces and the rest of us don't.

A few weeks ago I watched another workshop on posing people and again there was talk about finding people's best features and helping them to hide/disguise their "flaws". I get that you don't want to pose people in a way that makes them look bigger than they are. And if someone has an insecurity and you try to make that a focal point of a photo the person is going to be awkward about it.

But goodness... thinking about all of this is making me insecure!

I don't want to show up at a photo shoot and look someone over to see what their "flaws" might be. (It's been suggested!) But I find myself looking in the mirror lately wondering what isn't quite symmetrical about my own face or what side is my best side.

And then the other day I needed a photo and had to get out the tripod and do a selfie and that's when it happened. I'm 34 and for the first time I could name my "flaws". I was horrified that I hadn't noticed these things before... like how my one eye bugs out a little bit more than the other. Or how my smile is a little bit crooked. And how my one eyebrow is a little more raised than the other.

I freaked out for a minute.

And then I said screw all those people who might call these my flaws! Who are they to say that I'm not perfect the way that I am or that I need fixed or that certain things about me need to have attention drawn away from them!? That bugged out eye, raised eyebrow and crooked smile are the things that set me apart. They are the things that make me unique. I don't want these things "fixed" in photoshop. says that a flaw is "a feature that mars the perfection of something; defect; fault."

It's time to stop calling things "flawed" or "imperfect" because they don't reach an unrealistic and unattainable standard of beauty that photoshopping has set. It's time to stop comparing ourselves to people who have had plastic surgery and botoxed the crap out of their faces.

Imperfections ARE our perfection.

It's time to stop saying there is only one kind of beautiful and start recognizing the beauty in the individuality of each person.

Embrace imperfection.

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