Thursday, January 23, 2014

Raising Givers

I love to give.
It's fun.
It brings so much joy... to me and others.
Giving is good.

During the Christmas season lots of people were talking about the traditions they do to help their kids focus on giving over getting. I love hearing how people do that! I hope my children learn the joy of giving. (I hope they enjoy receiving as well... because let's be honest... that's fun too!)

This past December my kids surprised me.

The school sent home notes about the Christmas Shop. I could send money in with Liza and Jason so that they could buy Christmas presents for people. The school also gave each kid $2 to spend. (Or maybe it was $3.) We sat down with Liza and Jason and talked about our options. In the end we decided to skip shopping at the Christmas Shop and instead take some money and go shopping for each other and exchange gifts that way. Going to the dollar stores would be fun and there would be more options of (junky) little things to buy. (It was loads of fun with a stop in the middle at the new yogurt place for a treat and so we could swap kids and finish the shopping. Good memories!)

After the decision was made I told Liza and Jason that they could use the money that the school gave them however they wanted when it was their turn to go to the Christmas Shop. I told them they could use it to buy something for themselves.

Off to school they went.
They did their shopping.
And when they came home my heart almost exploded.

Liza had bought a ring for a friend in her class and an "I Love Grandma" coaster for her Grandma.

Jason bought me a frame. :) I immediately put a picture in it and he told me he knew the perfect place for it. He put it on the night stand beside my bed. It's my favorite gift from this Christmas!

They had the opportunity to get something they liked for themselves... but they didn't. They thought of others and bought gifts for them.

How did this happen?
I honestly have no idea.

But I would like to think it is our focus on giving all year long and not just at Christmas. I hope that we always make giving an "all the time" thing and not just a December thing. I hope that I am raising givers!

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