Monday, January 13, 2014


Before it got into the ridiculously freezing cold temperatures we had two gorgeous days! It had warmed up enough that the snow turned into the awesome kind of snow... the kind that works for building things!

We headed across the road to the field and had a great time.

Liza built a snowman almost completely by herself. She could only find two wood chips to use as the eyes. Liza says the snowman is winking... I say it looks creepy!

This park does not have a slide and we didn't have a good hill so Mike made one for the kids. They had a blast and went down again and again and again.

Mike gave it a try...

...and I stood around bummed that I didn't have slidey pants. But then I realized my coat would work! Duh! And I gave it a try. :)

Turned out it really WAS a ton of fun. :) I am sure I looked like an idiot and a gazillion cars drove by but I didn't care... because I was having fun!

I hope you've been able to enjoy some snow this winter!!

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