Tuesday, January 28, 2014

The Mind Game

Yesterday I shared how I completed the Whole30 and I have a plan to stick pretty close to it.

Easier said than done friends!

My mind was assaulting me all day yesterday. I went to Panera and on my rewards card I have $1 off a pastry. My mind told me just one cookie. I deserve it after all! I mean... I haven't had any sugar for 30 days!

I passed.

I went into a store and was faced with isles of Valentine's Day candy. Do you know how much I like those stupid hearts? Again, my mind was after me... just one small thing. Just have a look. Something little. It won't matter. You deserve it!

I walked out of the store without candy.

I went to another store... In this one I swear I could SMELL the candy. It smelled good. By this point I was getting a bit worn down with the "good angel/bad angel" going on in my mind. I was so tempted to have a look around. Find one small thing that I could justify feeding myself.

I made it out of the store without any candy.

Whew! It was hard work you guys! At the end of the day I did have ten little sixlets because my kids were willing to share and sixlets are my favorite. But that's all. I could have had more. I wanted more.

Here's the thing...

For 30 days it was easy because Whole30 set my food parameters. I KNEW what I was supposed to do for those 30 days. I knew what was allowed and what wasn't. It was easy to follow the plan laid out for me. But now there is no plan except for the one I make up. No one else is going to set my food parameters for me. That's my job now. Whole30 gave me the motivation and information I needed to get started. And it lasted long enough to show me I COULD do it.

But this is where it gets tough... I'm now only accountable to myself.

My mind kept telling me how much I DESERVED a treat. The truth is that I don't deserve a treat... I deserve to be healthy! To feel good in my body. I have worked hard for this and now I deserve to keep going with it.

I'm off to make my breakfast eggs and then I'm going to put on my skinny jeans just to remind me how much progress I have made. Here's to another day of food success!

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