Saturday, January 4, 2014

We Have Awesome Neighbors!

It took months for me to convince Mike that moving into a neighborhood instead of living out in the country was the right thing for us. (If I'm going to be a stay at home mom, living in the country alone is not going to work! I need people!) I always said we need Butter Neighbors... the kind you are comfortable enough with that you can ask for a 1/4 cup of butter when you begin baking and realize you are short.

So here we are... A little over a year in the new house and we definitely have some Butter Neighbors!

Both neighbors brought us more than enough cookies and gifts for the kids... but one neighbor went above and beyond! She had asked us at the beginning of December if she could do "12 Days of Christmas" with the kids. She used to do it with her kids. Something for each day... for 12 days... the purpose is to make Christmas fun and give the kids something to do during the long break.

The rules:
Turn on Christmas music.
Turn on all the lights.
Play with the kids.
Make it magical.

We said it sounded great but had no idea how truly great it would be! Our favorite Butter Neighbor knocked on the door one day with the delivery of 12 Days of Christmas. She gave us cookies, music, hot cocoa, cups for the kids and these...

A bag for each kid full of gifts!

Oh the excitement!!!

And so began the 12 Days of Christmas. Each day Liza and Jason would turn on the Christmas music, turn on all the lights and then grab a gift out of their sack.

They would shake it and try to figure out what it might be and then they'd tear in!

Liza and Jason had SO MUCH FUN with the 12 Days of Christmas. The gifts were just little things that would give them something to do... markers, silly putty, crafty things, glow stars for the ceiling, make up and more! I can't believe our NEIGHBOR did this for our kids! What a blessing!!

We were told "If they want to do it again next year give me the sacks back. I don't want to have to make them again." Pretty sure we'll be returning the sacks!!

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