Wednesday, January 1, 2014

We Know How to Party

Good riddance 2013!! 
I'm hoping 2014 is much better. I don't have any goals or resolutions or even dreams really for the next year. I just want it to be better than the last. Considering how sucky 2013 was I don't think it will be a hard year to beat. 

So what did we do on the last night of 2013? Nothing. I've realized that people go out before kids and then again when the kids are older. If you have young kids you probably stay home. And I'm such an awesome mom that I didn't even plan anything for us to do at home. At about 6:30 the kids were saying they needed a party and I thought to myself "I should have bought some party stuff." That's when I saw the tube of glow sticks and hoped it would save the night. 

Thankfully my kids are easy to please! We put on the glow sticks, turned out the lights and turned up the music. They thought it was awesome.

We also squeezed in our last photos of the year.

Most of them were silly... because that's how we roll.

Jason always makes this face and told us all to make it. I kind of didn't get it quite right!

Pretty sure someone farted in this one.

We topped off our awesome party by telling the kids they could finish off all their Christmas candy (sooo sick of them asking for it non-stop!) and letting them stay up an hour late to watch a movie. We gave our last hugs and kisses of 2013 and then woke up this morning and had our first hugs and snugs of the year.

In all honesty... it was a pretty perfect way to celebrate one year out and a new one in. 

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