Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Winter Days At the Zoo

We love our zoo and I knew that we needed to make it this winter for the Penguin Parade. They bring a bunch of the penguins out and let them walk around. When we normally have to watch them through a water splashed window... well, to see them up close was really cool! (Just wish it would have lasted a little longer!)

So the Penguin Parade was the reason we went on Sunday. Well, that and it wasn't 0 degrees. It was 34. :)



Even though some of the animals (like the giraffes and rhinos) were not out there was still plenty to do and see and we spent a few hours at the zoo and aquarium.





We have two favorite things from this trip.

First is the little sea lion. We always stop to play with this little guy. He's a lot of fun. If you toss a rock back and forth he will follow it back and forth. Liza likes to try to get him to do tricks too. It's a fun time and even better when no one else is in the way!


The second favorite thing from the trip is this young tiger!


Last year Liza got one of the tigers to chase her around. This is not the same tiger as last year but she got it to chase her! I don't know why but they just start pawing at her and then follow her around. It's fun! You can hear a little girl giggling in the video. She thought it was pretty great and was content to sit in her stroller and watch. :)

We bought a family membership to the zoo... again... and we plan to go back again before winter is over!

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