Thursday, February 13, 2014

Beauty Among the Chaos

Not too long ago I shared how I felt like God was challenging me. He was encouraging me to find beauty in this wintery season of life... just as I have been finding beauty in this cold, snowy winter that we are experiencing here in Western PA.

It has taken a perspective change, but I'm working on it. Sometimes the beauty is really easy to see. Some days I really have to search for it. But I'm finding it.

In this winter where everything breaks and our income drastically changed and relationships are difficult and daily life becomes exhausting, and depression and anxiety are constantly present, there is still beauty.

The beauty is there in...

*the friends who listen and pray for me. Who understand and encourage me.
*the blessing of having my mortgage paid so that it wasn't an added stress as we adjust financially.
*Mike saving us loads of money by figuring out how to fix the furnace himself.
*finding out that pizza delivery isn't a bad paying job!
*bloggers who invite me to share about my business in the hopes of helping me find new customers.
*snuggles with my babies on the days I just want to stay home and do nothing.
*long moments in time spent alone without feeling lonely.
*the need to once again become best friends with my husband because I truly need someone I can lean on right now.
*crocheting with my daughter.
*a warm blanket, hot cup of tea and good book on a cold day.
*a verse that reminds of God's promises.

My life may look and feel like chaos that never ends... but that doesn't mean that my life isn't full of beauty.


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