Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Facebook Freedom

Lately, I feel like my life is being stripped down to the basics. Simplifying and leaving only what is necessary. Facebook was the latest thing to go... well... kind of.

I still have facebook. I LIKE facebook. I can't just completely delete it. I still share things because my family likes to keep up with what's going on... especially with the kids. But I've really cut back and changed how I use it.

About two weeks ago I implemented the "No Scroll" rule. I no longer scroll down my newsfeed to read all the postings. If it isn't the top two or three items when I sign in I probably don't see it.

At first this was tough. I kept thinking what if I miss something! Then I realized that if I am close with someone I won't miss things... because we will actually see each other and TALK. At least this is what I am hoping will happen.

The thing with facebook is that it tricks us into thinking that we are so much closer to people than we really are... that we are better friends than we really are... because facebook lets us know everything about a person's life. We know where they work, when they have a bad day, what their kids are up to. We learn a person's successes... and if they are honest enough we can learn about their failures too.

Facebook allows us to know a lot of information ABOUT a person but that doesn't mean we truly know the person.

Since implementing the No Scroll rule I find that I have a lot more time in my day and a lot more space in my brain. I really do enjoy keeping up with people and learning what is happening in their lives... but my brain was becoming cluttered with information. So I'm taking a break.

I am finding that I am now more likely to write up an email to a friend. (I was REALLY slacking at responding to all messages.) My close friends come to mind and I want to say hi. There is more to talk about when I DO talk to my friends because I haven't already heard it all on facebook.

Like I said... I DO like facebook. I'll keep using it. But this break and no scrolling has been so freeing! I think I'll keep it up for a while.

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