Friday, February 7, 2014

Snowflakes and Sparkles

Yesterday morning I stepped outside to walk the kids to school and saw that the world was sparkling!! We got a small, fresh layer of snow overnight and the sun was loving it! The trees had a thin layer of ice and were just lighting up!

But I had work to do and errands to run.

I almost ditched it all and grabbed my camera, but in the end I decided to be a responsible adult. I started out at Walmart, grabbing yarn for my upcoming scarf parties. I ran into the dollar store and then decided I was a fool for not going on a walk with my camera. It was just magnificent and the more I drove around, the more I knew that I would not be finishing my errands. I ran to the bank real quick because I was so close and then I headed home, threw my boots on, grabbed my camera and drove to one of our parks.

I was kicking myself for not going sooner because the higher the sun gets in the sky, the less sparkle. But it was still beautiful.

You might be sick of seeing winter pictures from me... if so, just click the X and come back another day. :) I'm enjoying winter and all its beauty. It amazes me how each snow storm can bring something completely different. Green grass is always just green grass... but with snow... you never know what you might get!

Tree shadows in winter are so different from tree shadows in summer!


The trees had ice crystals all over them.






I could see so many individual snowflakes all over the ground... just catching the sun.


I love how you can see a design in the middle of the little ice cycles.




Winter is simply BEAUTIFUL!!

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