Friday, February 14, 2014

Where I Belong

I feel like I've been walking around for the past year unsure of where I belong. I ask myself over and over where do I fit in? Where is my place in this world?

When I went from being involved in a lot of things to being involved in nothing (some of it was my choice and in some instances the choice was made for me) it left me feeling a little lost. I was desperately lacking direction, which was a new thing for me.

I've struggled over the past year with who I am and what my purpose is. I've questioned time and again if all that I had been doing meant anything at all.

I'm still struggling with these questions.
Struggling with belonging... with feeling like I fit in. Although, I feel like fitting in is always a long shot for me because I've never been one to fit in. I've always been the one who is different and most of the time I am ok with that. But I want to know where my place in life is.

Anyways... like I said... it's still all a struggle for me but yesterday morning...

Yesterday morning was a glorious morning. It started NORMAL. That means that everyone left in the morning like they are supposed to. I turned on the music, turned it up and got to singing and dancing ridiculously as I went along, letting the words of the songs fill my heart.

I had chosen a cd that I haven't got out in probably at least two years. I don't know why I grabbed Superchicks, but I did. And there is a song that flooded my heart with answers to my questions.

I do belong. I always have. I always will.

I belong to God... from the beginning and all through eternity.
That is my constant.
My place where I will always fit and be wanted.

Everybody needs to belong somewhere
Life can feel so alone without someone who cares
And when life becomes something just to get through
That's when I'm glad that I belong to you

I belong to you
I belong to you
You're the one who will never let me down
Won't let me dwon
I belong to you
I belong to you

Sometimes life brings more pain than we can bear alone
When hope is gone and I have no strength to stand on my own
When nothing helps, there's nothing that I can do
You surround me and show me


When love is gone, there's no arms to run to anymore
I'm all alone, there's no one for me to live for
Letting go of the things I've always clung to
That's when I need to feel that


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