Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Good Entertainment

Seems like lately all the books and movies and tv shows are full of sex, people wearing very little clothes, crude jokes and way too much cussing. Really... the f-word used over 150 times in ONE movie?! That's a lot. Overkill really.

I use a great resource called It gives a detailed review and we check it every time we consider a movie. It allows us to skip those movies where the f-word is used 150 times.

Anyways... I'm over the crude jokes and sex-filled movies and maybe some of you are too... SO I thought I would share some good ones I have seen lately.

Captain Philips

Based on a true story. Full of bravery. Courage. Leadership. Pirates.
I was on the edge of my seat for a good part of the movie.
I was inspired by the Captain's strength in a really difficult time.
And when the movie ended Mike and I just sat there. It felt wrong to get up and go to bed. Captain Philips is a hero and the movie is one well worth watching!

Take Me Home

A while ago I decided to use the free month of Netflix to see if I wanted to sign up. I decided to unsubscribe after that free month was up but then Mike started working every single night so I kept it. Take Me Home is one of my favorite finds.

It's a romantic comedy but not cheesy. It's a cute story. It's humorous without being crude. It's just a nice, clean movie. I enjoyed it so much that I watched it twice... and I'll probably watch it again.

Land Girls

This is a tv series that I was able to watch on Netflix. It was recommended by a friend and well... I got sucked in. It's about the women who worked the farms while the men were off fighting in WWII. I enjoyed the characters and I thought it showed the life changes and struggles they had to deal with well. There are only 15 episodes and I was sooo bummed when it was over!

And of course, our current family favorite...


IMG_2607 1

We saw this when it was in theaters and Liza and Jason have been waiting ever since to see it again. We bought the movie yesterday. It's such a beautiful movie... the songs, the story, the characters. We are in love! Jason is totally crushing on Elsa. We'll have this movie memorized in no time!

Have you seen anything good lately?

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