Sunday, March 9, 2014

The Joy of Wonder

the feeling excited by something strange; a mixture of surprise, curiosity and sometimes awe

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I've been volunteering in Jason's kindergarten class. Two days a week. One hour each day.

This past week I got to go to the computer lab with the class. They have been learning in baby steps since the beginning of the year. Just some really basic things that will be the foundation to build on in the years to come. I remember the first time that Jason came home all excited because he got to type his name THREE TIMES! and print it out.

Well... they do more than just type their name three times now. They recently learned how to change the size and this past week they learned to change the font.

All the kids are sitting on the floor. Teacher turns on the computer and explains step by step to review what they already know. Then she makes her name really big and the kids think it's great. But then!!! She takes that really big name and changes the font and the kids go wild! They are excited! They are all making sounds like "WHOAAA!" and "Aaaahhhh!"

I'm pretty sure it was the coolest thing they ever saw. Changing the font style was AWESOME!



Yesterday the kids were all curious about changing the clocks. They kept asking when it was supposed to happen and how it worked. I think they were afraid I would forget to do it. It's not an easy thing to explain to kids but I did my best. They at least understood why they needed to go to bed a little early... that's the important part!

Well... just before bed they were still talking about it so I took them in my room to my alarm clock. It was 7:30. I said "Do you want to see how we change the time?"

Yes and yes! They watched with eagerness and then I clicked the button and they exclaimed "NOW IT'S 8:30!?!?!?!" It was followed with giggles of surprise... and WONDER.

I think I'll look for more reasons to experience wonder in my own life. :)

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