Sunday, March 30, 2014

The Perfect Weekend

It's been a long winter... not because of the weather. I didn't mind the weather. It was long because of Mike's ridiculous work schedules. He's been working most evenings and lots of weekends. I was also working most weekends as well. We needed all the work we could get. Roofing is starting back up so things should settle down again and get back to feeling more normal. I'm looking forward to it!

This weekend seems to be the first in a long time where we were both home a lot. Yesterday we decided to kick things off by going out for breakfast. We ate so much food and it was so good. It was just really nice to be all together as a family. We stopped at the store on the way home to pick up bike helmets for the kids and a pump for their tires. 

Liza found a cool helmet that she can draw on with dry erase markers. Perfect for my crafty little girl!

IMG_2676 1

We came home and got the bikes out. The kids are getting better and my hope is that I can have them both off of training wheels by the end of the summer. 

IMG_2667 1

IMG_2670 1
(We have a problem with Jason's head where one size helmet is too small and the next is too big.)

We played at the park. 
We rode our bikes some more.

IMG_2702 1

IMG_2713 copy

Mike had to work last night so I hung out and had a lazy night with the kids. 

This morning we woke up to cold temps and beautiful snow but decided to head to the zoo anyways. We showed up to find out that the zoo was having Zoo Hop Into Spring and there were lots of activities for the kids. Liza and Jason got to do some crafts and received plenty of free things. Liza's favorite thing was the games she got to play and she won several prizes.

IMG_2858 1

IMG_2861 1
In this game they had to follow along with the dance moves. Liza won a tshirt. 

Then she played a hot potato game and won...

IMG_2865 1

Frozen. :)
We already have it so we tracked down the second place winner and were going to give it to him... but he already had to the movie too. Liza has a friend in mind to surprise! 

We spent several hours at the zoo today just enjoying the animals and talking about poop... because where there are animals there will be poop and kids will talk about it.

IMG_2775 1

These fish are so neat. They look like leaves...
IMG_2791 1

I think these are called glass fish... they are transparent.
IMG_2801 1

IMG_2823 1

IMG_2875 1

IMG_2914 1

Now we are home and watching Frozen... because it is the only movie we watch anymore. 

A good family weekend was needed and we all enjoyed it! Hopefully we'll have another one soon where we don't have any work or plans. I love the laid back family weekends. They are my favorite. :)

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