Thursday, April 17, 2014

All Grown Up

Yesterday evening I got really sick. I spent a good bit of my night sitting on the hard footstool by the toilet while my body got an intense and unwanted workout. It. was. awful. I spent today laying in bed too nauseous to do anything other than sleep off and on. It's been a long boring day.

As soon as I realized how sick I was last night I started getting things in order. I let the kids know that they would have to get themselves in bed since Mike was working. They were on their own for Bible story and tuck in.

I then sent out emails...
to a friend letting her know not to send her son here before school in the morning.
to another friend letting her know I couldn't take her son to daycare for her after school.
and to another friend letting her know I would not be exercising with her in the morning and could she please walk Jason home from school for me.

Then, since Mike would be working today I had to have him run to the store for all my sick needs last night when he was done working. He's a good husband.

It's hard being mom AND being sick but in this house this mama sure does get taken care of well.


Liza and Jason were so grown up getting themselves ready for bed, watching the time, doing their Bible story, praying for me and tucking each other in bed. And can I just say that kid prayers are the sweetest prayers of all. Liza prayed "God, makes the germs go where they are supposed to go and not on my mommy!" AMEN!


This morning was another thing to navigate. Thankfully Mike got Liza's lunch together and was home long enough to get them started with getting ready. I laid in bed while they watched a movie until it was time to go to school. I have to say that it was sooo hard to lay in bed as they walked out the door instead of walking with them and giving them hugs and kisses at the school steps before they ran in the door for the day. I didn't even get to watch them walk from the window... too sick to get up. But while it was hard to not be able to have our regular send off, it was so easy to trust them. I'm certain that they were more mature in their walk to school today than any other day.


I gave Jason instructions to come upstairs and wake me up as soon as he got home. He came in the door and straight up the stairs.

ME: Hi Jason. How was school?
JASON: Good.
ME: Are you going to get your lunch?
JASON: I guess.
ME: You can watch a movie.
JASON: Ok... I've got it all under control mom.
ME: Oh... all right buddy.

They don't need me.
It's bittersweet... because my goal is to raise them up to be independent. And today I am sooo glad that they were able to be independent... but they are only 6 and 7!! Aren't they still supposed to need me for everything?


Jason took such good care of me this afternoon while the others were still out for the day. He would randomly stop what he was doing and come in my room and ask "how ya doing mom?" And then he would offer sweet little boy words of comfort.

Once, in a grand gesture, he noticed that a small amount of light was coming through the curtains and decided to take care of that. Jason is such a sweety!  


Even though I haven't got out of bed today and I have felt miserable for most of it, my heart is full. I am loved and cared for. I can count on my family to take care of themselves when I am not able to take care of them.


Mike is off on a soup run for me, stocking up for tomorrow since he'll be gone most of the day. Liza and Jason are relaxing while watching a movie... and I'm still laying in bed sipping on some flat ginger-ale while thinking about how grown up my babies are.


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