Saturday, April 19, 2014

Erie Vacation

This week just seemed to disappear... but somehow I managed to edit my vacation pictures and start a photo book. I'm hoping to get that done before my coupon expires. (40 page 8x8 book for $12.99, free shipping... worth it!)

Anyways... here's a little recap of our family vacation to Erie, PA last weekend.


On Saturday the kids woke up bright and early at 7:00 so we ate breakfast, loaded up the van and hit the road. We passed our time on the almost 2 hour trip like we usually do... pretending our large lollipops are microphones and singing along with our favorite songs.



Our first stop in Erie was the Children's Museum. I had found a coupon online for buy one admission get one free... so I printed two and we went to the museum for $12 total! We explored and used our imaginations and had a fantastic time.




Next, we stopped at the Bicentennial Tower. Liza and Jason were hoping to take the 200-some steps to the top but when we got there we found out that you had to take the elevator.


Being that we couldn't take the steps, we ended up still having a lot of time before we could check into the hotel. We decided to find one of the three lighthouses in the area.


Turns out there was a park right at the lighthouse which the kids were excited about.



It was finally time to check in at the hotel.
Liza and Jason tested out the bed and then we went for a swim.



After dinner we headed to Presque Isle where we got a bit excited about the ice, froze our faces off and watched the sunset.


Liza and Jason then got to spend their first night in a hotel. They had a hard time falling asleep while sharing the same bed but eventually quiet came and we all got some rest... until 6:30am when Liza and Jason decided it was time to wake up. At 7:00 we headed to the lobby for the continental breakfast where Liza and Jason were excited about all the options that they never get to have at home. At 8:30 we were back in the pool.

It was a beautiful day so we then headed to the Erie Zoo where we got to see lots of animals that we don't have at our zoo... and some that we do see all the time. The zoo was really nice. We'll definitely go back. Especially since it is so cheap for us. We have a membership at the Pittsburgh Zoo and the Erie Zoo is one that honors that. We got 1/2 off meaning we only paid $11.50 for the four of us to go to the zoo!



We spent the rest of our time at Presque Isle again because we love the beach. It was much warmer and we found more lighthouses. We took silly pictures, played in the sand and found a bunch of small seashells.







We stopped at a restaurant for dinner and then made the drive home. We were all completely exhausted and full of good memories.



Hooray for a successful family vacation!



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