Tuesday, April 8, 2014

I'm Getting Old

I don't know what's up lately but my left eyebrow is going bald, my face is breaking out like a 13 year old and I have old lady legs.

It's true.
All of it.

I was looking in the mirror one day and saw that my left eyebrow was practically bald in a spot near the end of it. Just a little spot... but enough that I could notice it! Do eyebrows go bald? I'm paranoid. Although I have a feeling that I probably just rubbed a bunch of hairs out of that eyebrow while tossing and turning a few nights in a row during my restless, dream-filled sleep.

Either way... the eyebrow is looking a little low on thickness.

As if that wasn't enough... my face decided it hates me and it has good reason. I ran out of my face wash. I just use the generic Walmart brand of pro-active. Well I went to the store to get more and there wasn't any. I couldn't even find a place on the shelf where it belonged. So after looking around FOREVER I grabbed a different face wash figuring no big deal because I've never really had acne problems. Ha! I look like a clown! I must find my old face wash!

Oh... and let's talk about my legs.
When the heck did they get so cottage-cheesy!?!?! I was at the store trying on a pair of shorts and when I looked in the mirror I almost passed out from the shock. I am 34 and I have old lady legs. No shorts for me this year. Pants and long skirts for these legs!

And there you have it... an update as to what has been running through my brain. Deep stuff.

I'll leave you with a pretty picture in case you need something to get the old lady legs image out of your head...

IMG_2937 1

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