Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Imagine That!

I have heard it said so many times in the past few weeks that kids just don't have imaginations any more.

But not my kids!!
Liza and Jason have the most awesome imaginations. They will spend hours in their attic play room making up stories and writing their own books. They will dress up and go on all day pretending they are someone else. They go on the coolest adventures in our one-tenth of an acre plot of land that is mostly covered by house.

Letting them get bored almost always leads to the most fun times. They are so good at creating their own fun.

On Saturday I was loading up the car and ready to head out for the day when Liza and Jason come running at me shouting "WE MADE A SEE-SAW MOMMY!!" They sure did! They found a board in the yard and placed it over a bucket and were see-sawing away... having the best time ever!

The following day I heard some pounding going on out back. When I looked I found this...


The see-saw board had broken so they got out Jason's tools and were hammering the boards together because they were making a clubhouse.


I made them take a break from building for a short while because I needed to run some errands. The whole time they talked about their clubhouse... how they could build it, where they would place it in the yard, where they would get the wood and supplies. They talked about how they would hang out in there and maybe even have some picnics in the clubhouse.

On and on about this clubhouse that only had two boards that were forming one corner.

It makes me want to run out and get them some more wood and help them build it and have lunch in their clubhouse with them. We'll see what happens by the end of summer.

Watching them reminds me of my childhood... and the three-story tree house all us neighborhood kids built together. It was so unsturdy and unsafe but we all still talk about it. It's one of our greatest adventures.

I'm so glad that Liza and Jason love to play outside. I'm so fascinated by where their imaginations take them. I hope they never lose that imagination because it really makes them so awesome and fun!!

Oh... and if you ever need to get in touch with Liza you can just text her on her iphone. She's been texting away and playing games and even has it password protected. Check out her awesome iphone...


Yes... it's a rock.

Go imagine something great today!

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