Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Living Treasures

This winter was insane with our work schedules. Mike was delivering pizza and working at the church. He was scheduled almost every evening and lots of weekends. I was doing scarf parties and that had me out on evenings and weekends as well. Life was a bit crazy and the only dates we could fit in was going out for breakfast. And family stuff? When were we supposed to fit that in!?

But things are finally slowing down and getting back to normal. Roofing is picking back up and Mike is no longer delivering pizza. He still works at the church a few days during the month but mostly he is home again for evenings and weekends and we are taking advantage of that!

At the beginning of April one of our favorite places opened up again and we couldn't wait to get there! Living Treasures is such a fun place. The kids love it. I love it. It's always a good time!

I love when we get to meet animals as babies and then watch them grow. Levi is getting so big!

IMG_2949 1

Squirrel monkies
IMG_2965 1

This girl likes to sit right at the window and entertain her guests. 
IMG_3011 copy

I am in love with the colors! So sunny and vibrant!
IMG_3024 1

IMG_3029 1

IMG_3045 copy

IMG_2998 1

Does anyone have any idea what this thing is? It's so colorful and strange.
IMG_2983 1

After we walked through once we made a bathroom stop and let the kids spend their money in the gift shop. They bought binoculars and used them as we walked around the second time. It was pretty much adorable.

IMG_3031 1

IMG_3048 1

We'll once again be going back there several times between now and when it closes in November. We are so lucky to have such a cool thing so near to us!

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