Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Diaries and Love Notes

Liza and Jason are both at such a fun age right now. My favorite. I love their hearts and minds and imaginations. And I love that I get glimpses into their worlds and who they are.

Liza has been keeping a diary. Sometimes she just draws a picture. Sometimes she makes lists about things she likes or wants to learn. But one day I found this...


Let me translate...

I like to do but I can't. I am not very good at soccer, I am not very good at patience, and I am not very good at coloring with broken crayons. But I will get better.

I was a little concerned as I started reading it. I thought "how depressing for her to list all the things she isn't good at!" But then she turned it around. I love her. And I love her little thumbs up drawing. Finding little things like this makes my heart happy.

Then there is Jason. I'm not sure what I'm going to do with him. He's a little lover! He has a girlfriend who gives him little gifts all the time. It's cute. He tells me she is special to him. Today when I asked him what makes her so special to him he sat thinking for a moment and then said "she gives me things."

The other day he came home with this super cute drawing that his girlfriend made for him...


I kind of want to keep it.

Our life is filled with diaries and love notes... and I don't mind!

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