Sunday, May 25, 2014

Giant Bubbles!

A week or so ago a friend shared a link with me that had activities to keep kids busy during the summer. Some of them were too young for my kids. Some of the ideas were just things I would never do. But the bubbles! OH! The giant bubbles! I knew I had to try it and I knew it would be a great thing to do on a day when the neighborhood kids were out.

Friday night we went shopping and bought all our supplies and on Saturday when the kids started coming around I made up the bubble wands and bubble solution and we started having some really cool fun!





I might have had more fun than the kids! And I have to give credit to Mike for taking photos of me. He's not afraid of my big camera and actually learned how to use it in manual for me. :) I like him!




This was a really easy and inexpensive project and we all loved it so much! I'm certain we will get out the mega bubbles at least a few more times this summer! They would be a great thing to put out for the family picnics and parties!

You can find all the info you need to make your own mega bubble wands and bubble solution HERE.

Some things I learned:
*You actually only need one dowel rod for each bubble wand because cutting it in half makes it manageable for the kids.
*If you are thinking "Cotton string!? Where do I find cotton string?" The answer... Walmart. Pick up some Sugar and Cream yarn while you are buying the dowel rods... which are in the craft section as well.
*The kids will likely get the wands all tangled from time to time. Tell them when they get tangled that they should just hang onto the sticks and ask for help. When they let go of one of the sticks it will just tangle more.
*You might want to have some baby wipes or a bucket of clean water to wash your hands in. When you help untangle the string your hands will get really sticky... not so good if you want to pick up the camera again!
*Make your bubble solution a little bit early. You don't want to crazy stir because you don't want all the suds in your bubble solution. It took about 15 of it sitting for it to all combine together and work.
*Don't do it on a day that is too windy. We had just a little bit of wind yesterday and when it blew it would just pop the bubble solution before we even got started. No fun!

Ok... now go have some fun!! And if you do please share some photos with me!

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