Friday, May 23, 2014

This and That

Hey guys!
Long time no write, yeah??
I still have lots of things in my heart and brain that I want to write about but I've been seeming to hit writer's block over and over. Instead of filling up this space with nonsense every day I've just chosen not to do any forced writing. Aaannnd... it's been feeling like summer and life is full of stuff right now. Why does May always get so busy?

Anyways... so let's talk about a few things that have been going on in my life...

1. It's wedding season. I had three weddings in four weeks. I didn't realize I did that to myself until it was happening! I finished the editing on wedding number one. I'm currently working on wedding number two but I'm running into problems... I can't get the photos from my second shooter to open on my computer because my editing program needs an upgrade but it's not compatible with windows 8.... or something like that. So I used HER laptop the other day to knock some out and then put them on a disc. It was kind of annoying because I have never used a Mac before and she has the actual full photoshop program. I was all kinds of out of my element but I pushed on and did some work only to find out I must have done something wrong in the saving or whatever because half of the photos won't show up when I put the disc into my computer. SO I will have to do those over and try again... or I could just buy the newest elements and that should solve everything... but I don't want to buy that yet. I'm comfortable with my program and it works for everything except my second shooter's photos this time! Ugh!


2. Next, I'll get on to editing wedding number three. Thankfully I don't have another wedding until July! Time to get caught up!


3. Of course, after I finish wedding number three I will have to edit a Bridal Shower. My friend Sarah is getting married this summer. Liza is flower girl and Jason is ring boy. Sarah hired me to photograph her shower. It was a fantastic shower!


4. Life has been full of kids! It's rare that we don't have an extra kid here. I love our neighborhood and the kids are really cool. We love having them around. I need to stock up on water and popsicles!


5. So... between weddings, showers, bday parties, picnics, end of school stuff and the neighborhood kids... I've. been. busy. But a good busy. The kind of busy I like to be. Because it's not so busy that I don't have time for people... it's a busy BECAUSE I have time for people. Does that make sense? We love celebrating our friends. I really enjoy volunteering at the school. (We have a fantastical school by the way!) I've always dreamed of being the house in the neighborhood where all the kids stop by. And I love photography. My life feels balanced right now... and full. We are making good memories just in our day to day life with friends and family.

6. We are counting down the days till summer! (10 1/2 school days left!) This morning the kids started their list of things they want to do. One thing was a summer party at the end of school. I guess I have about ten days to plan that because I think it's a fantastic idea! We'll invite all the neighborhood kids and have pizza (because Mike still gets 50% off at the place he delivered for this winter!) and dessert and some kind of summer filled gift bag! (Every time I think of summer I hear Olaf in my head.)

And that's some of what's been happening. I need to get my house cleaned up and then I need to plan to sit at my favorite bakeshop every morning that I have left before school is out because I won't be able to do that during the summer!

I hope you all have a great Memorial Day Weekend! We are excited because Mike will be home for three days and the forecast is looking amazing! We are dreaming up picnics, hikes, parades and more fun. Can't wait!

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