Thursday, May 1, 2014

What It Should Have Said

Mid-April our school had a Monster Math Night. It was a night for the whole family to head to the school and have some math fun. (Yes... math can be fun!) We were asked if it would be ok for the newspaper people to follow our family, interview us and take some photos of the kids for the article they were going to write. Of course they could follow us!

I don't get the newspaper but I found it strange that weeks had gone by and not once was the article mentioned to me. I assumed that I had given stupid answers or they took a different direction with the article. Yesterday while talking to someone I started figuring out what happened.

The article was in the paper but we weren't in it.
The article ended up being about the after school program and the wrong people got credit for the math night.

Turns out I DID give bad answers... at least for the article they were writing. One of the questions I was asked was "Now that you know about the after school program are you more likely to send your kids?" My answer... "No. I like having them at home." hahaha... no wonder they didn't quote me in the article! It was SUPPOSED to be about math night... not the after school program.

Now... the after school program is a good thing for those families that need it. It would be silly for me to send my kids and then sit on my porch watching them play across the road. And I like to have dinner as a family. That's how us Wicks do it. But if life changed and I needed to use the after school program I would.

That said...

Here is what the article SHOULD have said...


Monster Math Night was a huge success! 150 parents and students showed up for a night of pizza, math and fun. The event was planned by the student teachers along with some help from field students.

The gym was divided into stations by grade. The students were challenged to find answers to math problems by playing games and doing crafts. The fact finder game was one where problems were given and the students had to run to the number that was the answer. Kindergartener Jason Wick and first grader Liza Wick were having a blast as they ran to the answers! They both said that Math Memory was their favorite game.

Other activities included making graphs with fruit loops, designing patterns, and crafting some crazy looking monsters.

The gym was filled with students engaged in math activities, laughing and having a great time. Stomachs were full and brains were used.

The Wick family came simply hoping to have a fun family night out and they were not disappointed! They enjoyed learning some fun ways to work on math at home and they certainly didn't mind having a night where they didn't have to cook dinner. The Wicks appreciate all that the school does and if there is a program they will be there.

Thanks to the student teachers for all the time and thought they put into planning such a fantastic event for the school's families! Thanks to the teachers and staff that stayed for the evening to help out instead of going home. And lastly, thanks to the after school program for providing dinner.

So there ya go... the real story. I have no idea what the article in the paper said since I didn't read it personally, but I do know after talking to a few people that it didn't give credit to the correct people. I'm not upset that I didn't make the newspaper... that's small stuff. I'm upset that the people who planned it didn't get the praise... because it really REALLY was a fun and fantastic night! Well planned. Well run.

A lot of people look down on the school that my kids go to. I've heard that the staff doesn't care and that it's a school I shouldn't send my kids too. We haven't had any problems. We like the staff and we fully support our school. We are thankful for their dedication to educating our kids.

If people in your school go above and beyond make sure you let them know that you see and are grateful. Send them notes. Encourage them. Support your school!!

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