Thursday, June 19, 2014

7.6 Miles

I woke up on Saturday and decided that even though I hadn't moved much in the past two months we should try to find a babysitter and do the 7.6 mile hike at McConnell's Mill State Park. We had done it before and enjoyed it but that was a few years ago. It was time to do it again... even if I was completely out of shape. I'm still young enough for spontaneous long hikes right!?

We got a sitter, Mike dropped the kids off, we met at the park, drove a vehicle to the end of the hike and then drove back to the parking lot at the beginning. It was a chilly morning and we were ready!

If I instagrammed, it would have went down like this...

Ready for this!

Mill and covered bridge... we could still turn back...

Ooooh! A wedding!

Selfie in the covered bridge.


This is what the first two miles of trail looked like...

Tiny trail.

This isn't so bad.

Still alive!

Mike has a need to explore.

Pretending we are excited about another hill.

(This might have been the hill where I started asking Mike to consider giving me a piggy back ride because I wasn't feelin' it anymore.)

Almost there! This is our "what were we thinking!?" faces.

Just kidding! We had a great time!

Just around any bend now we should see the parking lot. Can't wait!!

Together. A day well spent. :)

We finished.
We were tired!
But we survived and were still able to walk the next day. Sore... but not too bad.
And I only fell once. Nice.

I told Mike that I want to do the hike again but next time I only want to take one car so we have to go there and back making it about 15 miles. I don't know why I want to do that... I just do. So hopefully by the end of this fall we will do it again and that means that I better start exercising again because I would not have been able to do all those hills again! I need more strength and endurance.

Do you hike?
What's the farthest you have hiked in a day?

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