Friday, June 13, 2014

Beautiful Hearts

While working with some kids, a girl who is probably nine years old blinked her eyes when I said hi to her. She wanted me to notice that she had makeup on. I told her I noticed the makeup and that it looked nice. Then I went on to tell her how I don't even own any makeup and never wear it. She thought I was ridiculous!

I continued the conversation and let her know that while I thought she looked nice with the makeup I also thought she was simply beautiful without it and that she didn't need it at all. This nine-year-old girl said to me "OH! I need it!"

Nine years old and already she has the idea in her head that she needs makeup. This made me sad. I hope that she doesn't really think that but even if she doesn't she still has the idea that makeup is in some way necessary.

Nine years old.


We need to teach our daughters to embrace who they are.
We need to teach them that beauty is so much deeper than the skin.
We need to teach them that they are beautiful and don't NEED makeup.

Makeup should be fun... never necessary.

Teach young girls that beauty shines when they are kind, when they think of others first, when they serve... when they love.

Teach them that beauty is found in modesty, perseverance, faith.

Teach them that it is more important to have a beautiful heart than it is to have a beautiful face... because a beautiful heart is what really makes a face become beautiful.


Little girls are always looking to older women. They are watching and learning how to carry themselves, how to dress, how to talk... how to be a woman. If we always talk about being fat and flawed then that is how our girls will see themselves when they look in a mirror. If they hear us saying that we need makeup then they will likely grow up to believe that they do as well.

But what if, instead of always hearing about the things that are on the surface they heard us talking about beautiful hearts. Conversations about people who have beautiful hearts... how they live, what they talk about, things that make the heart beautiful.

What if we could change how girls view themselves?
What if we could change how girls define beauty?

Beautiful hearts... that's what really matters in the end because when the skin starts sagging and wrinkling and they can no longer hide the circles under their eyes... when they start developing age spots and their hair starts thinning... if they have beautiful hearts they will still believe they are beautiful despite what is happening on the outside.

Teach your girls to have beautiful hearts before you teach them about makeup.
Teach them about true, lasting beauty.

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