Friday, June 27, 2014

Dear Moms and Dads... Please Shut. Up!

No really.
Close your mouths and stop talking.

Not all the time... just at inappropriate times when talking becomes disrespectful.

Like at a graduation ceremony.
Movie theater.
Library story time.

Basically, any situation where you expect your kids to be quiet... you should probably be quiet as well.

The other day I was at our library's story time for grades K-5. The children's librarian always does such a great job with the programs and we love going. But this last time I left frustrated and annoyed. Most of the kids sit up front on the floor and the parents sit in the chairs at the back of the room. Apparently though, most of the parents think they are in a different room than the kids because they just talk away like there isn't a program going on.

I was sitting in the back of the room and there were two moms behind me that were just having a great time chatting away. I couldn't even concentrate on the story because they were just going on and on and getting louder and louder. Then the two ladies beside me start talking to complain to each other about how bad the situation behind us is getting. I was about to lose it. Finally, when I couldn't take it anymore, I turned around, finger to lips and gave them the SHUSH IT face.

They said "sorry", kept talking and a few minutes later moved it out into the hallway... where they got louder and we could still hear them because the doors were open and they were just outside of them. UGH!

But this isn't the only place it happens.

Everywhere I go lately where there is a program for kids or a ceremony or a concert... there is a steady mumble of voices in the crowd. The parents are talking. And talking. And talking. And some are even answering phones.

It is so disrespectful and such a double standard.
Parents are expecting their kids to behave better than they do.
That's not fair.

If you walk into a program and tell you kids to sit down and be quiet then you should do the same!

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