Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Jason Graduates Kindergarten

Having a hard winter meant lots of snow days... which meant extra days added on to the end of the school year. Tuesday was FINALLY the last day of school but Jason had his Kindergarten graduation on Monday. He was excited and proud and so was I! He has learned so much during his year of kindergarten and grown up so much. He has been a good student and a good friend to many. He loves math and numbers... but really he just wants to play outside with the big boys and learn some new tricks on his scooter. 

I love watching him grow!




Miss Eshbaugh is the greatest teacher ever! We are so blessed that her two years at our school happened to be the two years my kids were in Kindergarten. She'll be moving on next year but we will never forget her!

This is Jason and his girlfriend. She started it all a few months back but Jason never seemed to mind. 


And this is Jason and his BFF... they say they are brothers... ninja brothers... like the turtles. 


And that's the last of kindergarten for me! We are excited for summer and looking forward to first grade!!

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