Tuesday, June 17, 2014

My Town Rocks!

I love summer.
I love summer in BUTLER, PA!!

This town always has something going on. This weekend was filled with the following...

*Jeep Invasion
*outdoor concert
*milkshakes from out favorite Main Street sweet shop
*Butler Bears football game
*a relaxing afternoon of small plastic pool swimming
*dinner out to celebrate Mike
*ice cream and a movie at home

We had a great time! I really love the age that Liza and Jason are right now... they were awesome when they were babies too but life just got so much easier and enjoyable in a different way. Living life is easier right now. And it's full of giggles and good memories. :)


Butler is the first place bantam jeeps were made and a few years ago they decided to go for a World Record with the longest jeep parade. Jeep people came from EVERYWHERE and invaded the town. The Bantam Jeep Festival is now an annual thing and on Friday they close down Main Street (which is a five minute walk from my house!) and all the jeeps drive in and park and the people come out for the night.



We also have an outdoor concert every Friday night on Main Street so we stopped at Cummings for some milkshakes and sat and listened to music for a while.



Eventually the kids needed to pee so we called it a night, headed home and went to bed.

I woke up the next morning, found a babysitter and Mike and I hiked 7.6 miles at McConnell's Mill State Park. (More on this later.)


We came home, rested, grilled dinner, then we headed to the park to watch the Butler Bear's football game. It's a semi-pro team and it's free to watch. The kids had a blast and we just enjoyed being outside on a great night.


We got home and as I was tucking the kids in I told them they would be hearing fireworks soon and they should just go to sleep anyways. Well about ten seconds later we heard the fireworks... so we stayed up and watched them from our windows.

Sunday was an easy day. Swimming in the plastic pool in the afternoon and just relaxing in the sun.


We went out to eat for dinner... Mike's choice. We stuffed ourselves on chips and salsa at Chili's, bought some ice cream on the way home and relaxed with a movie for the rest of the night.

It was a full weekend but we enjoyed every moment of it! Can't wait for more summer fun in Butler!! Especially because most of it is free! The only thing we spent money on this weekend was food.

If you are every bored with your town you are welcome here! :)

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