Thursday, June 12, 2014

Ryan and Amy

Many moons ago I worked at a summer camp with Ryan and Amy. I've kept in touch with Ryan a little over the years and when he emailed me to see if I could squeeze in photo session I decided to make it work.

Ryan and Amy have been dating for a while and Ryan needed a nice retirement gift for his mom. His mom had been saying that she didn't have any nice pictures of Ryan and his girlfriend... and that's where I came in. I headed out to the camp where I met them and where Ryan still works and we did a quick mini session. The other day I got an email from Ryan again. He said, "I got the pictures you sent printed and you effectively made my mother cry!" Photos make such a great gift for moms! And dads. This isn't the first time someone teared up when given photos that I took as a gift. 

I had a great time with Ryan and Amy! They were so relaxed and comfortable with each other. And it was obvious that they absolutely adore each other! 











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