Sunday, June 1, 2014

Sidewalk Paint


When I was looking for different things to do with the kids I came across sidewalk paint. It's cheap so we gave it a try. Several websites came up in my search and most of them had the following directions...

equal parts water and cornstarch
a few drops of a food coloring


I mixed up some colors and let the kids paint the driveway. Ok... I painted too!  It was fun!


We used the sponge brushes. (Take your coupons to Jo-Ann and get a pack for a good price!) The kids were a little bit frustrated at first because we had to learn how to use it. They were expecting it to be as easy as chalk and it is not. It took a little patience and worked best when the sponge was really wet.

When you first paint it is wet and the color doesn't show up real well.


But as it dries the colors show up great and you are left with some fun art!


It's a bit messy but it occupied the kids much longer than chalk does. They loved it and have been asking to do it again. I'm sure I'll be mixing up some more sidewalk paint soon!


I read through a lot of comments to posts when I was researching the sidewalk paint and no one complained of staining. It seems like a pretty safe thing but I didn't leave ours on for long. It came off real easy with water from the hose. I was afraid to leave it on longer because just an hour and a half before one of my kids had decided to write their name on my cement porch in permanent marker and a friend decided to follow the lead. Can you believe I made it 7 1/2 years without an incident of kids drawing where they shouldn't draw!? And now when they KNOW BETTER they use PERMANENT marker on my porch!? Thankfully a bit of 100% acetone nail polish remover took it off. Maybe next time I do the sidewalk paint I'll be brave enough to leave it for a day or two. Maybe!

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