Sunday, June 15, 2014

The Gift of Trust

So, it's Father's Day.
I could write a post about how awesome my dad is... because he is awesome.
I could write a post about my husband because he's a rockin' dad too.

But when I thought about it I realized that my readers are women... a lot of them moms... and so today, on Father's Day, I'm going to do what I've been doing since I was born... I'm going to be different. Today I want to talk to moms.

Hang with me now...

A few weeks ago I went to see the movie Mom's Night Out. It was cute and had a great message that so many moms need to hear. But for me there was a secondary message. I'm not sure if the writers intended it to be so, but I thought it was obviously there. That message was that wives need to trust their husbands more. Dads CAN take care of their kids and they can do it well.

In the movie we had a couple moms that desperately needed a night out but the question was there... "Can my husband handle it? Because my kids are crazy. And if I'm not there to take care of the crazy... well, I'm not sure dad will survive."

How many moms have thought like that?
How many times do moms go out but keep their cell phones on the table, or even in their hands, because they KNOW that dad is going to be calling asking for help because he's just not up to the task of taking care of his own kids?

Moms... trust the dads.
Give them a chance to figure it out.
Leave your cell phone in the car when you go out with friends. If he knows he can't call you for help he won't take the easy way out. He will find a way to work the situation out on his own. He will improvise. He will succeed. Because they are his kids and he is their dad.

He may not do things like you would but that doesn't make them wrong. His problem solving will look different from yours but that's because he isn't you. He might feed them more sugar than you would... but it was his day, his time with the kids. You get to do it your way all the time... let him have his fun too.

I know that when Liza and Jason are with Mike they always have a good time. They are always fed and taken care of. They are loved. And sometimes I do come home to crazy stories of crazy things that happened and I think to myself "ahhh! I can't believe that's what happened and how it was handled!" Yikes. But you know what... they are making memories with their daddy and it's all good.

Trust the men.
Let them know you believe in them as a dad. That you know he is a great one.
Instead of telling them that you would have done it differently... praise them for doing what they did.

This Father's Day give your husband the gift of trust.

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