Monday, June 23, 2014

Two Wheelin'

We put off taking the training wheels off the kids' bikes for a long time because where we live there isn't much room for mistakes. The sidewalk and road have only a foot of grass between them. I wasn't ready.

But two weeks ago we started talking about how we would teach the kids when we went to visit family. They could learn where I learned. It's safe.

Well... my kids decided to do things on their own.

A neighbor friend left her tiny little bike at our house and Liza and Jason couldn't resist. I was sitting in my living room when I heard Jason yelling "Liza can ride a bike without training wheels!" I looked out the door and sure enough...


Jason gave it a try too. He got on and just rode. No problems at all.


So Mike took the training wheels off, we took the kids to the park across the road and off they went. They didn't even need our help!



They can't seem to get enough of riding bikes now! Jason is riding all the time and with riding bikes comes more freedom. They want to ride off to their friend's houses and I'm working on letting them have slightly bigger boundaries in the neighborhood.

And me? I'm looking forward to going on a bike ride with them where I don't have to hear two sets of training wheels hitting pavement the whole time!

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