Thursday, July 3, 2014

Buying Memories

When I was visiting with my family I was instantly taken back to my childhood when we walked into the one shop at Farmer's Inn...

Growing up, we had a candy store in the neighborhood. It was a short walk and an even shorter bike ride. You could go with a quarter and come out with 25 pieces of candy because they had a counter full of penny candy. If you had a dollar to spend it was a great day! I mean... what kid doesn't want 100 pieces of candy?? Of course there were also the 5 cent and 10 cent pieces of candy too.

There was tons of variety... sweedish fish, peach rings, and all things gummy yumminess.

And then...

That day at Farmer's Inn...

Oh! The excitement when I walked in and saw this...


Walls and walls of candy! Most of it candy from my memories.


Sweet, sweet goodness!

Candy cigarettes.
Big League Chew.
Gazillions of different kinds of gummy candies.

And then I saw them...

Communion candies!!!


Ok... so they are actually called Satellite Wafers but they taste just like the Catholic communion wafers so we always pretended that we were having communion when we ate them.


They are actually pretty plain and tasteless... until you get to the middle!


It was so much fun to find these again!

And gummy coins...


And watermelon rings...


And Old Fashoined Hard Candy...


That delicious outer coating of SUGAR!


This store was like walking into heaven! All the good candy from my childhood in one place! I have to admit that I went a little nuts and spent a good bit of money on candy... but it was all worth it! I would do it again!

Do you have a favorite candy from your childhood that you don't see very often anymore?

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