Wednesday, July 2, 2014


Two weekends ago we got to visit with some family that we don't get to see too often. My brother and his family came up from Texas so we all headed to Mom and Dad's. It's always a great... and crowded... time when we all get together but it is always worth the long days and sleepless nights.

It was lots of fun watching all the kids riding bikes where I rode my bike as a kid. (This summer is bringing back so many memories for me!) A lot of our time was spent around the house just playing but we did take a day to go to the Farmer's Inn... Putt-Putt, animals and ice cream. We sat around the fire in the evenings and just enjoyed life together for a few days.

It's always sad when it's time to leave but I know I'll see them again!






I used to do stuff like this. :)




First time for both of them playing Mini Golf. They loved it!


Cousins! Two are missing from this side of the family... they were having fun at Disney.




The kids put on a little festival of sorts. It began with a movie that they made... we HAD to pay 50cents each to watch the small screen.






Can't wait to do it all again!

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