Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Flower Girl and Ring Bearer For Hire!

Liza and Jason dreamed of this day before it was even a possibility. They thought it would be AWESOME if they got to be Flower Girl and Ring Bearer in the SAME wedding.

Enter Sarah and Chris and we get dream come true!!


Liza and Jason were little professionals. We had sooo many people stop us throughout the day to give some kind of compliment about our kids. Mike and I were so blessed simply because so many people enjoyed our kids.


Mike wasn't allowed to see Liza in her dress until the big day... she was hoping she could make him cry. He told me that he actually did tear up a little when our babies walked down the isle together.

At the end of the ceremony when they came back together to walk out there was a collective "awwww". My heart about exploded!


Liza and Jason enjoyed the entire process... from dress shopping and tux fitting... to rehearsal and dinner... to the big day and the party. During the rehearsal they were told by the wedding planner ladies that they would walk down the isle together, come sit with me and Mike during the ceremony, then go back up at the end to walk back out. Apparently that wasn't ok with them because I was approached and asked if it would be ok if they stood the whole time because that's what they wanted to do. Yes please!!! If that's what they wanted... and I knew it would be! So proud of my babies for taking their issue and just dealing with it on their own and speaking up!!

They stood for the entire ceremony... which lasted about an hour! I'm telling you!!! PROFESSIONALS!! :)

The wedding party was great and made my kids feel like they belonged. We couldn't have had a better group of people to hang out with during the weekend!





I just love his missing tooth!!!

Liza REALLY wanted to photo bomb a picture.


My handsome mansome!! They let him carry the real rings! PROFESSIONAL!!




Ok... I'll quit for now. :) Congrats to Sarah and Chris and we are soooo super thankful that they let Liza and Jason be such a big part of their day!


Check out Aaron Varga Photography to see the real photos from the day... the picture where Chris sees Sarah as she walks down the isle... AHHHH-MAAAZZZZ-ING!

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